Tre israeliska filmer på Stockholms filmfestival

De israeliska filmerna Through the Wall, Sand Storm och Babysitter kommer att visas på Stockholms 27:e filmfestival!

Så här beskriver filmfestivalen filmerna:

SAND STORM presents the story of Layla, a young girl struggling to balance her dreams and ambitions with the expectations placed on her by her traditional family. Living in a Bedouin village in the Negev Desert, Layla begins a clandestine love affair with a boy from her university – a relationship that would be met with hostility by her family. Inevitably, Jalila, Layla’s mother finds out about the romance and tries to put a stop to it. The situation becomes increasingly fraught when Layla’s father, Suliman, marries his second wife and Layla and her mother are forced to silently accept the patriarchal customs they disagree with.

Zexer deftly employs handheld cinematography and intimate close-ups to capture the emotional turmoil of women trapped in a world of impossible hypocrisy. A straightforward and elegant depiction of the inequalities existing in Layla’s society, <> was presented at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it was awarded the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize.

THROUGH THE WALL – Michal books a banquet hall for her marriage to Gidi on the eighth night of Chanukah. When Gidi tells her that he does not love her enough to marry her, he breaks off their engagement. But Michal is determined not to remain single and decides to keep the booking, believing that within 22 days God will give her a husband.

Switching genre from drama to romantic comedy, whilst keeping her focus on the world of ultra-Orthodox marriage, Burshtein’s latest film has a lot in common with her first feature »Fill the Void«. However Michal, the heroine, is not forced to marry as in the previous film, but rather feels compelled to do so to avoid humiliation in her community for being an unwed woman in her 30’s. A wry, witty and thoughtful examination of orthodoxy in Israel, and Michal’s unshakable belief that God will provide for her, »Through the Wall « is an unconventional romantic comedy filled with sparkling dialogue and Burshtein’s unique brand of generous humor.

BABYSITTER – Eilat är bara 17 år och har inte ens tagit studenten. Hennes mens är försenad och när hon är barnvakt en kväll får hon reda på att hon är gravid. Även om tanken på att bli mamma är omöjlig kan hon inte låta bli att leka med tanken. Den lovande regissören Aurit Zamir (800 calories) uppmärksammar kvinnans rätt till abort, gestaltat genom en lysande Noam Lugasy i huvudrollen.


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