Turismen till Israel fortsätter att öka – 25% bara i år

I februari 2018 reste 299 400 turister till Israel – en ökning med cirka 28% jämfört med februari i fjol.

Under de två första månaderna 2018 kom cirka 566 000 turister till Israel, en ökning med 25% jämfört med samma period föregående år.

Turistminister Yariv Levin säger i ett uttalande: “Month after month, we are witnessing new achievements and record levels of incoming tourists and I am pleased that impressive increases were recorded in February as well. The marketing activities and the innovative steps we are taking, together with the incentives for airlines and investment in infrastructure, are proving themselves month after month, as the tourism industry continues to contribute significantly to the Israeli economy and the labor market.”

Via eTN.

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