Yom Haatzmaut – staten Israel fyller 72!

Yom Haatzmaut – staten Israel fyller 72!

Idag firas Yom Haatzmaut, Israels självständighetsdag. Se direktsändningen från gårdagens statsceremoni som inleder Israels 72-årsfirande via länken nedan. Bland annat tändes 12 facklor – Massu’ot, symboler för Israels 12 stammar i bibeln – av personer som gjort framstående insatser i samhället. Länk till statsceremonin.

På sin Facebook-sida skriver ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov:

Today, 72 years ago, David Ben Gurion together with a small group of Zionist leaders, gathered in the humble building of the Tel Aviv Museum and declared the independence of the Jewish State, Israel.
The declaration put an end to 2000 years of Jewish exile. It has realised the natural right of the Jewish people to return to its historic homeland.
There is no historical precedent for a people which was dispersed and persecuted across the world and yet succeeded to preserve its religion and heritage and return to the land of its fathers. There to reestablish its sovereignty and revive its ancient language, Hebrew.
Unfortunately, even 72 years after the establishment of the State, Israel is still surrounded by enemies who reject its very existence.
We still have to defend ourselves against countries like Iran and Jihadist terror organizations who openly call for the destruction of the Jewish State.
Despite all this – and despite all the challenges and obstacles – Israel is no doubt a spectacular success story. From its very inception it is the only democratic country in the Middle East, with its citizens living in an open, pluralistic, cosmopolitan and vibrant society. It has developed a rich and dynamic cultural scene – including modern Hebrew literature which is translated into many dozens of languages from across the world. Its universities, research centers and many of its scientists are among the global leaders in their various fields.
Endowed with almost no natural resources, Israel has built an economy founded on the most important resource there is – human capital. This resource is based on science, research and a unique ability to think outside of the box. From being an exporter of oranges and agricultural produce, Israel has turned into the ’Start-up nation’, a center for innovation and creativity combined with a culture of business entrepreneurship. All of this has resulted in some of the most advanced technologies, which are to be found and used by millions of people across the world.
Looking at the young generation of Israelis, one can only share their optimism and great hopes for the future.

Glad självständighetsdag!

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