Yom Hazikaron

Yom Hazikaron

Igår och idag uppmärksammar Israel Yom Hazikaron, minnesdagen för de som stupat i krig eller fallit offer för terrorism.

På sin Facebook-sida skriver ambassadör Ben-Dov:

This evening and tomorrow Israel will be commemorating the memory of our fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of the State and its defense. We also remember the victims of terrorism.

In a highly symbolic way, we remember our fallen soldiers on the very day preceding Israel’s Day of Independence. This symbolic sequence illustrates the fact that the Independence of the State, its defense and its prosperity were achieved thanks to the selfless sacrifice of the thousands who laid down their lives for their country.

73 years after its establishment, Israel unfortunately still has to defend itself against those who wish to destroy it and this in a very unstable and violent region. This reality comes at a very heavy price.

Today, we embrace and express our love and solidarity for all the families of Israel’s fallen – those who have lost their loved ones, our beloved. A sacrifice for the existence of the State of Israel.

Må deras minne alltid vara till välsignelse!

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