Yom HaZikaron

I dag är det Israels minnesdag, Yom HaZikaron – dagen då vi minns våra fallna.

På Facebook skriver Israels ambassadör i Sverige, Ilan Ben-Dov:

Today, the State of Israel mourns its fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of the State and for defending it. Today, we also remember the thousands of victims of terrorism, who were murdered by the terrorist organizations that wish to destroy the Jewish State.

Today, we bow our heads in memory of our fallen and we embrace their families with all our heart – fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters who paid the ultimate price in order for the state to be able to exists as a modern, free and secure nation.

Immediately after the day of mourning, we are beginning the celebrations of Israel’s 70th Independence Day. As we will be celebrating, we will not even for a moment forget that everything we have achieved until now is thanks to the fallen soldiers who enable us and our children to live in Israel in peace and security in our own independent state.


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