Art Israel Internet Biennial 2


In late 2012, for the second time in Israel and the entire world, we are launching AIIB2 – The Biennial of Israeli Internet Art, showing 150 Israeli artworks on the internet only in this 3-dimensional exhibition space. AIIB2 reduces and refines the offerings to present artists who are willing to address new challenges to present and expose their artworks. When Israel is excluded from the cultural world for political reasons, this exposure of contemporary Israeli art in the language of cybernetics is an important venture for Israeli art. Furthermore, AIIB2 will remain on air for two years. AIIB2 exists thanks to a few private volunteers who were enthusiastic about this excellent project:Arch. DEKEL GOODOVITCH, Initiator, Director*** Prof. SIONA SHIMSHI, Curator*** SHALOM AMIRA, advisor, 3DVAS*** Dr. AVI ROSEN, advisor *** Adv.ELI BEN YOSEF, Legal Advisor ** JUDITH APPLETON, English translator/ Editor*** DROR CHAWIN translator

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