Last week's must read

Activism – 1,000 Palestinians receive hearing aids

”One of the tasks, and the vision of Sheba Hospital (in Israel), is to help our neighbors,” said Zeev Rotstein, CEO and director of the medical center. ”We enlisted the Starkey Foundation to help 1,000 Palestinians – children, women and the elderly – who suffer from hearing impairment and are disconnected from the surroundings, to hear again,” he said.,7340,L-4073991,00.html

Remembering Six Days in 1967

Back to some basic realities: ”Israel’s insistence on defensible borders is a prerequisite for peace and a safeguard against a return to the Arab illusions and Israeli fears of June 1967”.

Turkey says flotilla organizers should wait and see new Gaza conditions

This is the first time Davutoğlu told flotilla organizers to reconsider their plans. He had so far rejected US and Israeli appeals to try to stop the flotilla, saying it is a civilian initiative that the government cannot intervene in and insisting that the international community should pressure Israel…

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